Shall I Lease a Singular Van or a Whole Fleet?

By Lauren Bagnall
Shall I Lease a Singular Van or a Whole Fleet?

Benefits of Leasing a Fleet of Vans

Most businesses in the UK, particularly trade and delivery companies, will need a van to help them carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently. When you set up your business, you will need to consider transport carefully; will you need a car, van or pickup? The answer to this question all depends on your line of work, the tasks you need to carry out and even your preferences. No matter whether you need a large or small van lease, or just a simple company car, we're here to help you decide whether you need a singular van or a whole fleet.

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we provide affordable car, pickup and van leasing deals in Leicester and across mainland UK. No matter whether you need a singular van or an entire fleet, vehicle leasing is the absolute best choice. You can save money when compared to buying outright, and your contract can be tailored to your business's needs as well as your personal preferences and budget. If you're unsure as to how many vans you need, read our latest article below.

Consider Employee Growth

As a start-up business, it might be tempting to only consider getting a singular van as you find your feet but try and consider your growth forecast. If you're considering expanding quickly, you'll need a few more vans to support your employees and carry out jobs to a professional standard. Consider how many employees you'll be taking on in the next six months, and prepare for it. Having a van readily available for them will save you a lot of hassle once they're employed, allowing them to get on with their work straight away.

If your company specialises in providing mobile services, such as electricians or plumbers, then a small van lease deal will probably do the trick. We currently have the all-new Ford Transit Courier in stock or just £179.99* per month ex. VAT, perfect if you're considering opting for a fleet for your employees. This allows you to manage your monthly outgoings and cut costs where appropriate.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Are you a delivery company spanning a large region? Or are you a local painter and decorator that needs a van to fit equipment and tools? Each business is different and will need a van that helps them store their products in a practical manner. How many vans you need can be influenced by the amount of space you and your employees need. Some companies may require two vans and staff members to carry out a job, so it's important to really consider your space preferences.

By opting for a van leasing company to provide you with your vehicles, you can drive around in the latest model of your favourite model for a fraction of the price. The brand-new Nissan Interstar F35 L3 is a deal not to be missed at just £179.99* per month ex. VAT. With sliding doors and plenty of internal space, it's the perfect van for a range of businesses. To discover more about our van leasing deals, please visit us on our website here.

What is the Purpose of Your Business?

No matter whether you're self-employed or you're a fully established company with 20 employees, your business's main goals and missions can influence how many vans you need. Self-employed businesses will usually only need a singular, small van lease deal to help them get from A to B. However, if the size of their job depends on the customer, they may need a larger van also for practicality. One van may not be enough to help you carry out multiple jobs, so a fleet of vans on a van leasing deal in the UK could be the best choice for you.

Here at MWVC, we will always objectively advise you on the best course of action for your business. We will take into consideration your business and its needs and preferences, providing you with the very best van leasing deal for the cheapest monthly and initial rental price. To find out more, please give us a call on 0116 259 9548, and a friendly member of our sales team will be happy to assist.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing