Our 2022 Volvo V60 Review

By Libby Foster
Our 2022 Volvo V60 Review

Fancy leasing a Volvo V60?

Now we could give you an antique dealer-styled introduction to Volvo V60 due to the stereotypes based on the Swedish car manufacturers. However, this would be an insult to a car as smart and well put together as the new V60. It would appear that Volvo has finally shed its old skin and is moving with the times in terms of style and drive. Of course, safety is still at the top of the priority list with Volvo, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The main question on everybody's mind right now is probably can the Volvo V60 keep up with the German trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Inside, it rivals any high-end competitor you care to name, including the Mercedes C-Class Estate, Audi A4 Avant, and BMW 3 Series Touring. The décor is unquestionably Scandi-chic, so it provides something very different to the German trio, which is fantastic news. But, what else is different?  

Volvo V60 Drive

The most recent V60 only comes with 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engines. Though there are numerous power variations, don't think that implies there aren't any options. The mild hybrid status of diesel and petrol vehicles increases efficiency, whereas plug-in hybrids provide continuous running on electricity alone.

Let's start with diesel. It is known as the B4 and has 194bhp (D). It has a torquey engine, so it can tow a trailer with ease, but it doesn't feel as quick as the equivalent Audi A4 Avant 40 TDI or Mercedes C220d Estate, despite its competitive 0-62mph time (7.9sec). It is, however, still a viable option. 

The 161 bhp B3 (P) can go from 0 to 62 mph in 9.1 seconds if you don't want a diesel. Because of this, it has some energy if you're willing to crank it up, but it's also reasonably adaptable for daily driving. Spend a little more money, though, for the 194bhp B4 (P), which is the best option in the lineup, if you can. It accelerates faster on the highway and has a bit more oomph, which is ideal for a vehicle made to transport passengers and luggage. Its 0-62 mph time is shaved off by a second compared to the B3.

The Recharge T6 is a good option if you're interested in a plug-in hybrid. It has a 247 bhp petrol engine and an additional 86 horsepower electric motor that drives the back wheels, making it a four-wheel drive. Although it doesn't feel as quick as you might think (partly because the eight-speed automatic transmission reacts slowly, as with all V60s), the 0-62 mph time is quicker than the BMW 330e Touring.

Volvo V60 Interior 

The Volvo V60 has a superior driving experience to the Audi A4 Avant and Mercedes C-Class Estate, which have offset pedals and a bulge in the footwell. In the V60, you're perfectly aligned with the steering wheel and pedals, with a cosy armrest on the door and another between the front seats.

Every V60 has a 12.3-inch screen that substitutes analogue dials with digital instruments. Volvo's digital instruments aren't as customisable as Audi's Virtual Cockpit, but they nevertheless provide plenty of valuable information to the driver, such as media, phone, and navigation data. It is optional to have a head-up display. Sat-nav, a DAB radio, Bluetooth, and a 10-speaker stereo are all standard. However, you must add Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, which is standard in its main competitors, and wireless phone charging is an extra.

Volvo V60 Space

The optional panoramic glass sunroof floods the interior with light, but it takes up a lot of headroom. It's not particularly bad, but if you're taller than six feet, you should consider this before placing your order. Without it, the front headroom is ample, as is the front leg room. Rear space is a plus. Again, headroom is adequate (except for the panoramic roof), and rear leg room is far superior to that of its main competitors, including the Audi A4 Avant and Mercedes C-Class Estate. Of course, larger estates exist, but only if you're willing to forego the badge and opt for the Skoda Superb Estate.

Assume again if you think that these days the only way to obtain a good boot is to go the SUV path; the V60 is a respectable substitute. When the back seats are up, the standard electrically powered tailgate opens to reveal 529 litres of room beneath the tonneau cover. That is more than its obvious competitors and is manageable with prams or a few heavy suitcases.


Due to its typically comfortable ride, safe handling, and excellent interior quality, the Volvo V60 surpasses similarly priced luxury competition. Its interior space is larger than that of competitors like the Audi A4 Avant, which is essential to an estate's attractiveness. It excels as an all-arounder. If you're still unsure of which car to choose, why not read our Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback Review?

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