How Smaller Businesses Benefit from Van Leasing

By Libby Foster
How Smaller Businesses Benefit from Van Leasing

When you make the courageous step to start your own business, it can be both exciting yet daunting, as there are so many different factors to consider. However, you should never compromise the vehicle you drive for your business, especially if it's an essential component in getting the job done. Business owners may choose to buy an old, worn-out van upfront in order to cut the cost, which can actually be detrimental to your company and quality of work. To keep on top of the latest vehicles and safety features, consider a business van leasing deal today.

Your business should be able to thrive from the get-go, not leaving you constantly worrying about your vehicle being reliable enough to help you out. Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we provide van, pickup and car leasing in Leicester and across the country, with vehicles on business contract hire for small and established companies alike. If you need a van for your business, find out more about the benefits below.

Cheaper for Managing Finances

Buying an old van upfront may be cheap, but the amount you'll probably have to pay on maintenance and repairs could cancel the price out. On the other hand, buying a brand-new van outright can put a huge dent in your finances and hold your business back before it has begun. By looking towards a lease agreement, you can drive a brand-new van or commercial vehicle for fixed monthly rentals following an initial rental. At the end of your contract, you simply return the vehicle and look for another van with updated features on a brand-new contract.

With plenty of large and small vans to choose from, you can find the perfect variation out there that suits your business's needs and preferences perfectly. The Ford Transit Connect is a popular choice amongst businesses that transport small cargo, such as electricians and plumbers. We currently have this popular van on special offer for just £862.77* per month ex. VAT is perfect for helping you manage your finances. Please visit us here to discover more about our business van leasing special offers.

Set a Reputation, right from the Start!

Some clients and customers might not care what vehicle you turn up in, but some might see an old, dilapidated van as a reason to not choose your business to help them with whatever they require. It may seem unprofessional and can hinder your business from attracting new clientele. However, by opting to lease a vehicle rather than buy it outright, you can drive a state-of-the-art vehicle with a brand-new number plate that can not only catch the eye of customers but provide you with the very best safety features around.

As a respected and reliable pickup, van and car leasing company in the UK, we understand how important reputation is to your business. We can deliver your brand-new vehicle straight to your address across the mainland UK, helping you get started efficiently. This Nissan Nv300 is currently just £215.91* per month ex. VAT. If you need a company car, you can discover our car leasing deals here.

Perfect If You Need One Van or More

If you're a self-employed business, you may only need a single van to help you conduct jobs. If you've taken some employees under your wing, you're going to need an entire fleet unless you require them to have their own van. Providing a fleet of vans can be a great incentive for attracting prospective clients to your business, but it may seem impossible in terms of money. With business van lease deals, you can provide your staff with the very best vans for a fraction of the price of buying outright.

One of the major benefits of leasing a van is once a lease agreement has been finalised, the rental is set for the duration of your term. You won't need to be anxious that your payments might increase as a result of rising living costs or changing interest rates. Your lease rental will remain the same as it was when you first agreed to the terms.

Here at MWVC, we can provide objective advice on the very best van for your business, advising you on the best fleet leasing deals that suit you and your staff. To find out more, please give us a call on 0116 259 9548 and a friendly member of our sales team will be happy to assist.

*all pricing correct at time of publishing

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