Leasing a Van on Business Contract Hire with MWVC

By Libby Foster
Leasing a Van on Business Contract Hire with MWVC

What is the Deal with Leasing a Van?

When people talk about leasing a van, they most likely mean Business Contract Hire. Fortunately, the fundamentals are straightforward, but to assist you, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about when leasing a van from MW Vehicle Contracts (MWVC).

Once you've discovered the van you're looking for, a member of our team will discuss it with you and go over all of your specific needs. This is referred to as qualification, and it will cover everything from your average yearly mileage and how long you would like the vehicle to how the van will be used and who will most likely be driving it. This doesn't take much time, just a few minutes, but it allows us to completely grasp each client's needs and, as a result, recommend the best type of funding for you.

The initial rental is the first payment of the agreement, followed by your monthly rentals after that. At the quoting part of the process, you choose the amount that you will have discussed with your sales executive during the qualification process. However, it is usually based on a multiple of the monthly rental and would be three, six, or nine times the monthly rental. Initial rentals of one or twelve times are also possible with MWVC. 

The term refers to how long the agreement will last and, as a result, how long you will have the vehicle. Contract hire agreements range from 24 to 60 months, or two to five years. Nevertheless, most people stick to three years. This is usually a good compromise between budget and maintaining a relatively new vehicle. Furthermore, in the majority of cases, it means you're always covered by the manufacturer's warranty. At MWVC, we take a holding deposit to secure the vehicle, once the order has been made we usually deposit it into your account 14 days after you have taken delivery.

Currently on Our Special Offers

If you're looking to lease a smaller van, the Citroen Berlingo Van M 1.5 Bluehdi 1000kg Enterprise Pro 100ps [6 speed] has a starting lease price of £188.99 per month (ex. VAT)*. Like the Vauxhall Combo, the Citroen Berlingo is a top-of-the-line small city van. With a payload of 986kg, the Berlingo continues to combine family-friendly flexibility with a business-friendly space. For those businesses who need a van with a heavier payload the Peugeot Boxer 435 L4 2.2 Bluehdi H2 Professional Van 140pshas an impressive payload of 1410kg. With a starting price of £342.99 per month (ex. VAT)*. The Peugeot Boxer is an ideal for those businesses who need a big, practical and efficient van. 

What happens at the end? 

When it comes to the end of your contract, you're in good hands with MWVC. First of all, we will keep in touch with you regularly throughout your contract, particularly in the final six months. During this time you should have spoken to your account manager about the different options by now, and there are a couple to choose from. To learn more about what happens at the end of your business contract hire see our guide.

If you're thinking about leasing a van on business contract hire as an option for your next vehicle. Don't forget that we can assist you at any stage of the process. Call us at 0116 2599548 or send us an inquiry through the website. 

*All pricing is correct at the time of publishing.