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BerlingoL1 Electric 635kg Lx 67ps Auto
Monthly£260.12Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 625kg X 75ps
Monthly£263.42Ex VAT

Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo has a wide range of shapes to meet the requirements of your business, it is available in two lengths; the L1 has an available volume of up to 3.7 m3 and the L2 size has up to 4.1 m3. To make these two lengths even more practical, Citroen have included large sliding side doors and asymmetric rear doors which open to 180o, providing you with an optimal loading space. Together with this, the Berlingo is one of the few small vans which comes with three seats as standard.

Citroen have made sure to include some excellent features to optimise comfort alongside practicality. The Extenso cab is flexible when needed, and the seats can be moved to different positions so you are able to increase the available length, and even use the middle seat as a mobile desk meaning you always have a space to sign those important contracts.

The Berlingo has been made to ensure you have a safe driving experience by using intuitive technologies such as, Grip Control for optimising the traction in all circumstances, or the reversing camera which displays on the new 7" touchscreen tablet, making your business activities easier every day. Thanks to Mirror Screen technology, the new 7" touchscreen can be used for your smartphone applications and to replicate third-party applications such as Coyote, web radios, etc. 




BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 625kg X 75ps [sld]
Monthly£264.21Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 625kg Lx 100ps [start Stop]
Monthly£266.12Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 625kg Lx 75ps
Monthly£267.66Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 625kg Enterprise 75ps
Monthly£273.70Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 850kg Enterprise 100ps
Monthly£274.76Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Bluehdi 625kg Lx 100ps Etg6
Monthly£276.38Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 Electric 635kg Enterprise 67ps Auto
Monthly£376.51Ex VAT
BerlingoL1 1.6 Hdi 625kg Enterprise 75ps
MonthlyPOAEx VAT