Renault Kangoo

There are three models available in the Renault Kangoo range:

  • Kangoo Van - Panel van 
  • Kangoo Maxi Van - Crew van 
  • Kangoo Z.E. Van - Fully Electric version 

With the choice of these three variants available, the Kangoo can be adapted to even the most challenging requirements, offering a wide range of custom built and practical solutions.

The standard panel van has a low load threshold and has a load volume of up to 3.6m3, making loading easier and meaning you will have a large amount of space to load what you need.

The maxi crew van has a load volumes of up to 4.6m3 so you can be sure you have more than enough space for those big jobs. Along with the large load space, the maxi van also provides seating for 5 to seat your team and enough space to safely store all of your tools!

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