Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo: The Quintessential Workhorse for Modern Businesses

With strong competitors like the Ford Transit Connect, Volkswagen Caddy Cargo, and a host of Stellantis group vans, the Renault Kangoo holds its own, thanks to its focus on engine versatility, interior comfort, and safety. This makes it not just a van, but a smart business investment. Contact us today to discover how Renault Kangoo leasing can drive your business into the future.

1. Performance and Efficiency: A Masterstroke of French Engineering

The Renault Kangoo is meticulously designed to deliver performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The van comes with a selection of engines, each calibrated for specific business needs. For lighter loads, the petrol variant is perfect with a claim of up to 41.5mpg and emissions of 155g/km. Standard features like stop-start and energy recuperation under braking are added benefits for urban traffic. With a 54-litre fuel tank, you can expect a range of more than 450 miles on a full tank of petrol.

For diesel enthusiasts, the Kangoo offers two compelling options. The Blue dCi 95 delivers fuel economy figures of 53.3mpg with emissions of 139g/km, whereas the more robust Blue dCi 115 provides 50.4mpg, nearly touching a 600-mile range on a full tank. Both diesel variants come with an 18.6-litre AdBlue tank and are on a par with the competition in terms of fuel efficiency. These details make Renault Kangoo leasing a compelling argument for businesses aiming to minimise running costs.

2. Space and Practicality: The Kangoo is Designed with Purpose

When it comes to cargo capacities and payload weights, the Renault Kangoo stands neck-to-neck with its closest rivals. The standard model offers 3.3 cubic metres of cargo volume. Even though it lacks a through-loading bulkhead feature, the overall design ensures maximum space utilisation. The long-wheelbase model ups the ante with a cargo capacity of 4.2 cubic metres, beating long-wheelbase versions of competitors like the Citroen Berlingo.

Payloads vary between 850kg for the standard wheelbase to 987kg for the long-wheelbase variant. What sets the Kangoo apart is Renault's optional Easy Inside rack. Mounted to the underside of the van's roof, this innovation makes use of otherwise vacant space, allowing you to carry longer items such as ladders securely.

3. Comfort and Reliability: The French do it Better

The Renault Kangoo doesn't compromise on comfort or reliability. Borrowing elements like climate controls, switchgear, and even the steering wheel from the Renault Clio, the Kangoo assures a seamless driving experience. The vehicle also benefits from proven technology within the Renault group, ensuring durability and reducing the likelihood of technical issues. Plus, additional packages like Renault Pro offer extra perks such as extended warranties and service plans, which add another layer of assurance to your Renault Kangoo leasing deal.

4. Safety: No Compromises Here!

Safety is paramount in the new Renault Kangoo. The small van incorporates numerous features like airbags all around, hill-start assist, E-Call, and seat belt reminders. With the advanced Driver Assist Packs, you can add emergency braking, speed limiters, traffic-sign recognition, blind-spot warnings, and more to your arsenal. While these come as optional, they prove Renault's commitment to safety, making it a perfect choice for any business.

Why Renault Kangoo Leasing with MW Vehicle Contracts is a No-Brainer

From its efficient and robust engine options to its well-designed space and innovative features, the Renault Kangoo delivers on every front. Our Renault Kangoo leasing options offer both the standard and long-wheelbase variants, allowing you to choose a van that perfectly matches your business needs. With excellent fuel efficiency and a range of safety features, the Kangoo is not just a van; it's an investment in the future of your business. 

So why wait? Contact us today to find out how a Renault Kangoo leasing deal can take your business to the next level.

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