Renault Kangoo Electric: The Eco-Friendly Small Workhorse for Your Modern Business

This fully electric van offers an unmatched blend of utility, eco-friendliness, and comfort. Let’s see how it stacks up and whether it could be right for your daily work.

1. Impressive Electric Range: Going the Extra Mile

One of the standout features of the Renault Kangoo Electric is its impressive WLTP-tested range of 186 miles from its 44kWh battery. While other competitors like the Citroen e-Berlingo offer similar battery sizes, the Kangoo Electric surpasses them in terms of mileage, making it a compelling option for businesses with a focus on sustainability. These specifications make Renault Kangoo Electric leasing an attractive choice for businesses that want to minimise their carbon footprint while maximising operational efficiency.

2. Charging Options: Speed and Convenience

The Kangoo Electric offers multiple charging options to suit various business needs. Whether you have access to a fast-charging DC source or a regular AC outlet, Kangoo Electric has you covered. Using a DC source, you can recharge the battery from 20-80% in just 40 minutes, while a 22kW AC charger will accomplish the same in an hour and 21 minutes. For domestic charging solutions, you can use a 2.3kW source for a slow but steady overnight charge or a 7.4kW source to get the job done in just four and a half hours.

3. Payload and Practicality: Maximising Space

Despite its electric architecture, the Renault Kangoo Electric doesn't compromise on space or practicality. With payload weights ranging from 608kg to 764kg depending on the variant, the Kangoo Electric is highly competitive in its segment. The standard model features a cargo volume of 3.3 cubic metres, maintaining the Kangoo line's tradition of offering ample load space. Coupled with its exceptional range, the Kangoo Electric is indeed a practical solution for any green-conscious business.

4. Safety and Reliability: A Trusted Workhorse

As with its combustion-engine counterparts, the Renault Kangoo Electric maintains a high standard of safety and reliability. Built on proven technology from within the Renault group, the electric version inherits climate controls, switchgear, and steering wheel designs from the Clio, promising a hassle-free driving experience. As for safety features, the van comes equipped with such kit as hill-start assist, E-Call, and mandatory seat belt reminders for both the driver and the passenger. Additional advanced Driver Assist Packs are also available, adding features like emergency braking, speed limiters, and traffic sign recognition to make your Renault Kangoo Electric leasing experience even more reassuring. This may also be included in some high-spec models that we have available.

Why MW Vehicle Contracts is Your Go-To for Renault Kangoo Electric Leasing

Offering a remarkable electric range, versatile charging options, and uncompromised space and practicality, the Renault Kangoo Electric stands out as a future-ready solution for modern businesses. When you opt for a Renault Kangoo Electric leasing deal with MW Vehicle Contracts, you're not just getting a van; you're making a sustainable investment in the future of your business. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discover how leasing a Renault Kangoo Electric can revolutionise your daily operations while contributing to a greener planet.

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