Best Pickups for Businesses in 2021

By Lauren Bagnall
Best Pickups for Businesses in 2021

Fancy Getting a Pickup For Your Business?

Pickup trucks have come a long way in recent years. They're not those big, clunky vehicles you see on American TV or in films, as they've now been adapted to be more comfortable and stylish. Pickups are great options for businesses, as their loading bed and spacious interiors make them great for transporting cargo. When looking for a double cab or single cab pickup lease, you need a vehicle that will be perfect for you, but how do you know which to choose?

Here at MW vehicle contracts (MWVC), we provide a range of pickup, van and car leasing deals perfectly suited to your preferences and budget, on personal and business contacts alike. With tax and VAT benefits to consider, leasing a vehicle for business not only improves your reputation but can help you keep on top of your finances.

Ford Ranger

The all-new Ford Ranger is Europe's best-selling pickup, and it's no surprise as to why. With a range of extra technological features, it's a pickup ahead of its time and is a great choice if you're looking to enhance your business's appeal. They have all the attractive qualities of your typical pickup, with an impressive payload and durability perfect for different terrain.

Here at MWVC, we have the Ford Ranger for just £236.08 per month ex. VAT, is perfect if you're looking to balance the books and manage your finances. Available on a range of contracts, vehicle leasing is by far the cheapest way to drive a brand-new vehicle. With initial and monthly rentals tailored to suit you, you can improve how your business presents itself for a fraction of the cost.

Nissan Navara

Much like the Ford Ranger, the Nissan Navara has a few almost unheard-of features that make it a unique pickup. They're incredibly comfortable and stylish inside, making them perfect for longer drives with extra passengers. It does everything that you want a pickup truck to do, but with the added bonus of fashionable interiors.

We currently have the Nissan Navara on special offer at just £197.94 per month ex. VAT, an affordable option for your next fleet of pickup trucks. Regulated by the financial conduct authority, we can provide you with professional and reliable service to get you on the road as soon as possible. We can even deliver your brand-new vehicle directly to your door across the mainland UK.

Mitsubishi L200

A strong and sturdy pickup, the Mitsubishi L200 is one of our top picks for trucks in 2021. Much quieter than other L200s before it, this brand-new variation is an economical option and has much better driving quality. With an impressive payload and spacious double cab, it's perfect for handymen, construction and goods transportation alike. B

For just £202.94 per month ex. VAT, you can lease the brand-new Mitsubishi L200 for your business, providing your employees with a smooth drive and great storage space for tools and necessities. But you need to act fast; Mitsubishi is being pulled from UK stock completely, and there are very few vehicles left, so grab them while you can! To view the rest of our pickup leasing deals, please visit us here.

From the all-new Toyota Hilux to the Isuzu D-Max, your favourite pickup is all down to your personal preferences. All our vehicle leasing deals can be tailored to suit your needs, providing you with peace of mind and prices that allow you to manage your finances accordingly. To find out more, give us a call on 0116 259 9548, and a member of our friendly sales team will be glad to assist.